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Tax, Permits & Licenses


Filing your tax returns will ease up your burdens of incurring penalties and sanctions. We'll take charge of your periodic compliance requirements.  We can also connect you with a professional advisor on your tax planning matters and external auditor for your audit needs.

Once you are registered, that's the beginning of your obligations to the government agencies you have registered with.  

We can assist you!

Business Registration


When you decide to open a business, you need to register to the government regulatory agencies to make it legal. Following the rules in doing business will help you avoid incurring penalties and sanctions.  We handle registration for the following:


Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC) for corporations(non- stock and stock), partnerships and associations


Department of Trade & Industry(DTI) for individuals/single-owned business;  


Cooperative Development Authority(CDA) for cooperatives.

Barangay and City Permits

Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR)

Bureau of Customs(BOC)

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Payroll Administration


Among your employees'  expectations, paying them on time and accurately tops them all.  Next is if their social benefits are remitted and they can use it as needed.  We can assist you with payroll matters, including but not limited to time keeping, computation, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig Fund remittance and mandatory DOLE reports updating.

Record-keeping/ Encoding-Manual and Computerized


Your day-to-day need to record all business transactions is very burdensome and hinders you from doing your core business of generating income.  Allow us to help you and allow yourself to focus on your income-generating activities. We can encode with eBIRForms, eFPS, Quickbooks, MYOB, PeachTree or BIR VAT relief and Alphalists Systems.

Admin Tasks Errands / Outsourcing


We can do admin tasks, procurement, errands on emergency and/or  peak season needs.

Receivable Collection Agent


We can assist you in your accounts receivable collection. 



Our first step in engaging with you, is to listen to you and  identify your need.  We'll offer you possible solutions and ways to meet your need. Solutions that considers your present situation, your future plans, the tax implications and government compliance issues. Let's meet-up and talk your business concerns!

Cash & Accounts Reconciliation Reports


To manage your business well, you have to be sure about your resources, especially your cash, which serves as the fuel to ensure your operations runs smoothly and continuously. Let our group handle your daily cash position report and monthly bank reconciliation.

Policy Manuals


Best guidance for all company stakeholders is to have written policies on various departments/functions within the company. Some companies refer it to House Rules, Employee Manuals, Manual of Procedures  and Code of Discipline.  

Leased Property Management


We can assist you in managing  your leased properties on rent collection and as overseer on site.

Project Management


We can assist as your overseer on site to ensure success of events, constructions and other projects.

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